Thursday, January 28, 2010

naruto update :manga ch.480 :sacrifice,hsd kenichi

naruto manga chapter 480:sacrifice

the fight between sasuke and danzou still continues,they're fierce each other body with kunai and chidori.and danzou ran out of amo,the last izanagi he expected was sasuke's genjutsu.while madara is still watching and observing the fight,danzou has come the desperation he takes karin as his hostage and the surprising part is sasuke heartlessly stab karin along with danzou.the darkness has fully spread inside his heart?and madara laughed when he saw it. click here to read.

comment :bored!i've got nothing to say,just get rid of the sauce already,i want naruto!

history's strongest disciple kenichi chapter 369: tanaka tsutomu

the story consisted of the man who help kenichi and miu fight the bank robbers.he is tanaka tsutomu who held a rage toward kensei/ogata isshinsai.he want to avenge for his master.father in law, and asked ogata's whereabout to the elder at ryozanpaku but they didn't tell him anything and instead of giving any info,elder challenge him to have one fight,tanaka want to fight one of the here to read.

comment :i love it! especially when shigure break the rooftop to make the effort of ma kensei taking a hidden pic of miu,and miu almost naked in front of kenichi since their room is broken apart,its totally hillarious.

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