Thursday, February 25, 2010

bleach 393:the burnout inferno, hsd kenichi 373:comrade in arms

bleach chapter 393 :the burnout inferno

aizen slashed the captains and vaizards without mercy until the head of gotei 13 fight him directly.
but unfortunately he's still lose to aizen's tricky tactic.meanwhile ichigo just stand there helplessly without doing nothing yet with his shocked expression.still wait until the real battle between aizen and ichigo.

history's strongest disciple kenichi chapter 373: comrade in arms

freya's followers asked kenichi and one of his ryozanpaku master to help rescue freya and her grandfather,but unfortunately only shigure available meanwhile kenichi thinks she's the worst option.and in this chapter for the first time the real face of tirawit kokin's master clearly showed. oh my,i guess i have to re-draw him now..
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bleach's link for reading i will add later

naruto update: manga chapter 484:team 7

naruto manga chapter 484: team seven

sakura's crying while healing karin and karin told her that hi/sasuke's chakra is colder than ever, he's not the same person u used to know.

sasuke babbling out and tell kakashi that he as an outsider didn't deserve to have sharingan, and no matter what kakashi said,sasuke still stubborn with his emo-ness about itachi's become the victim for the peace konoha's people gain so sasuke start with his susano'o and put a direct arrow shot to kakashi whose managed to avoid by using his mangekyo sharingan.

naruto's remembering what itachi,raikage and gaara's said then said to himself he will know the answer after seeing sasuke by his own eyes.

but the susano'o is starting to fadeaway as he loses his sight,sakura tries to stab him ata the back but got trembled,and let sasuke manage to choke her neck and take over the kunai to kill her,kakashi is shock and tries to save her by yelling don't do it to sasuke,but our hero,naruto comes along to save her with a small cut in his cheek.kakashi and sakura surprised.
yay! finally naruto is back on the fighting scene..cant wait for the next chapter to come .

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the hangover(US movie 2009)

The Hangover

click here for more info and also synopsis.

the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.

comment:well this movie is good and interesting although its clearly for adult above 18+ coz there are too many harsh words also inappropriate scenes.i just watch it on the dvd today.and its a good example how drugs and alcohol were never bring anything good to the user.and also there was news for the sequel of this movie,but i dont know whether i will watch it again.

adarshan no hanayome (manga)

Series Info

Title: Adarshan no Hanayome
Alternate Title: The Bride of Adarshan

Categories: fantasy, romance, shoujo

Author: Amekawa Kei

Artist: Kazato Nori

Chapters: 9 - completed


The small country of Adarshan was conquered by the Castoria Empire. To tie the alliance between the two countries, the victorious shogun, Alexid Deke Adars, was forced into a political marriage with Castoria's sixth imperial princess, Justinia. But she's only 10 years old...!

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comment:the story is too short meanwhile the author actually can develop more plot inside.its interesting but seemed forced to stop.

Monday, February 22, 2010

idiocracy (US movie 2006)


synopsis: click here for more.

The link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.

comment:i watched this a few days before the memoirs of geisha,again in local television.but frankly this is the typical American slapstick comedy,and no logic brain required in the process.if u do it will only wasted your time.its wierd yes,nonsense and the reverse version of all about high tech vision in the future as starwars movie kinds. this is purely only for fun.

memoirs of geisha(US movie 2005)

click here for complete info.

the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.

comment:i just watched this movie honestly for the first time in local television although i also have the dvd.well maybe i just dont want to waste time sitting aand watching seriously since i watched this while i worked on something with my pc,also chatting with my friend.
its a good movies although i may say the great acting i love there went to Gong li.she's very good,although its unfortunate that no japanese actress at all in the main cast for geisha,and i can't believe that its a happy ending.its a bit surprising.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

naruto update:naruto manga ch.483

483 :sasuke vs kakashi?
Something amazing happens.

If Sakura deals the final blow to Karin, Sasuke will replace her on his team. So she stands before Karin with a kunai. If she takes out Sasuke now though, she could end everything~

Sasuke uses Chidori from behind and aims for the head, trying to stab her. Kakashi appears and saves Sakura. He intended to kill her…Sasuke has fallen.
Some conversational exachanges occur.
Kakashi: I don’t want to kill you.
Sasuke: Ha, you always talk as if you could kill me sensei. But it’s I that has been itching to kill you, Kakashi.
And some more after that, he says at the end..
Kakashi: I now understand what the 3rd meant. In the way Orochimaru has fallen, I’m afraid I’ve no choice…
Sasuke: Fine, so then you will follow in the 3rd’s footsteps then!!

It ends there (Kakashi tells Sakura to get away as she’s treating Karin.)
Kakashi: Sakura, don’t be burdened into thinking you have to take out Sasuke alone. That is my duty. Don’t be obsessed with revenge like Sasuke.
Sasuke: Itachi…my father and mother…the clan…if you can bring them all back, then I’ll stop!!

Kakashi: Sorry Sakura for being nothing but irresponsible…(is this a sign he might die?) Sakura, I’m leaving this kid [Karin] to you. You probably know the enemies circumstances well. You have time to treat her and get away. Leave this to me.

Sakura didn’t commit suicide after all.
Sasuke VS Kakashi.
Will Naruto make an appearance too?

comment:oh no..not another sasuke fighting scenes (*_*)!! bored to death already,give me some naruto !!!!!!

my name is khan (India movie 2010)

synopsis :Rizvan Khan tries to fulfill his wife's wishes by trying to meet the US president after the September tragedy . 

click here for complete info
click here for official website
the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.comment: this is one of the most anticipated movie for me.i've been waiting since last year,but i have to wait until it arrive in my country for cinema or dvd.i still have to wait *sigh* but i think its worth a lot since my favorite couple SRK-kajol are in this movie.

amarte asi (telenovela 2005)

synopsis :Margarita is a young mother of Frijolito and working in Ignacio's, Chantal's, Lucrecia's and Francisco's house with Francisco's two daughters. It basically sums up how the character's relationships are with each other, whether is loving or hating. Quite a lot of conspiracies in how the characters plan quite evil and dangerous stuff towards each other. Other characters include Don Pedro (restaurant owner, quite important in this Novella), Frjolito and his friends (quite annoying if you ask me!) and other bits and bobs that have important things to do but very little parts.

comment:actually im pissed when the local teve who play this series by replacing pasion de gavilanes.cause i thought that the previous series was more famous and the plot has many interesting roots for story line.but then again who am i? i just hope they will play it again someday. meanwhile amarte asi is very typical cinderella story in a modern world and very common for telenovela,which i find it somehow very boring.

wedding crashers (US movie 2005)

click here to continue and full info. 

the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.

comment: i watch this on local teve but i dont like this typical comedy drama,too predictable and cliche.also when it comes to love,its like the whole world mean nothing anymore just like a fairy tale,meanwhile in reality is just so different like heaven and earth.

new shoujo manga :deep love virus

Series Info

Title: Deep Love Virus

Categories: drama, romance, school life, shoujo

Author: Nagi Michiko

Artist: Nagi Michiko

Chapters: 6 - completed


Mako and Haru have been friends forever. One day when Haru suddenly kisses Mako she starts thinking that this is a sign of a new beginning! However, soon after, Haru tells Mako that he has found a new girlfriend! How will Mako react to the news!? click here for reading.

comment:its quite nice story,actually i like the way the story goes and end,just as i expect it would be.recommended for reading for shoujo manga lover.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

naruto update :naruto ch.482,hsd kenichi 371

naruto manga ch.482 :
Naruto was told to rest under Yamato's watch, but he manages to sneak away and go towards Kakashi.

Outwitted by Sakura, Sai, Lee, and Neji have been put to sleep.

Madara collects Danzō's corpse (so he can obtain Shisui's eyes)
(It appears to be a fruitless effort, since Danzō smashed Shisui's eyes while he was on the verge of death, making recovery impossible)
Madara: "Finish the girl off, she knows too much"
Sasuke: "When did become your comrade? I have no reason to follow your orders"
Madara leaves. Sasuke approaches Karin, while Karin reminisces.
Karin hails from the same village of Konoha. Back when they had to collect the scrolls of Heaven and Earth, Karin lost her comrades and was attacked by a bear, but she was saved.
Boy Sasuke: Is that a Scroll of Earth? Well, bye~ (smiling face)
Current Sasuke: (face dies away) Well, bye~
Karin: I just wanted to see his face one more time...
Just when he wants to finish Karin off, Sakura appears
Sasuke: "Sakura...? How did you find me?"
Sakura: (This is the current Sasuke-kun. He changed so much...)
"I'm going to accompany you Sasuke-kun, so I'm running from konoha as well!!"

The End
comment :omfg, what the hell! XP its getting worst and annoying more words to say.the link to read the comic will be available tomorrow or the day after.and the filler anime episode its about the 6th tails bubble man, utakata.

history's strongest disciple kenichi ch.371 :2similar fighter
its still about kenichi's sparring match againts tanaka,the man who will take revenge for his master toward ogata.kenichi lose the war but win the battle.and also there are some hillarious part which made laugh to my hurts since its like a great entertainment!
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im so happy do airbrushing-like on my photoshop7

a few weeks lately i was crazy for drawing again,its like i found my long lost true love and my world.Actually,it has been a long time since i was a little girl i knew what i want for my future occupation,but unfortunately there were not enough facilities and future for my hobbies in actual life cause my country is not Japan,where comic artist can make a living through their imagination.

and by the encouragement from my new friends i met in one fansite,i started my old hobby,drawing cartoon characters.i even can express it and show it to the world in my DA account.
so i began to draw more.naruto,bleach and kenichi ,all that my fave manga,including some of the requests from my friends.

atfirst im using the old technique i knew,by using coreldraw's coloring and photoshop's little editing/finishing,but after one night i find one site who indirectly taught me abt the other side of photoshop or lets say maximize it,i was very excited to try and i feel im getting better and still doing it until now,and many of my artworks has been done.i love it,i hope i can improve better and better too in the future.yay! shiawase naa!!! \(^O^)/

the artwork is mine in the insert pic

innocent love (japan drama 2008)

synopsis :An arson took it all away from Akiyama Kanon seven years ago. Her parents died in that fire, her brother was arrested as the prime suspect and her carefree life disappeared from that instant. She was shunned by the town as the sister of a murderer, yet she believes in her brother's innocence and often pays him visits with words of encouragement. As life gets harder when nobody is willing to give her a job, Kanon decides to try her luck in the city and there she meets the man of her destiny...complete info click here
the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.

comment :i just watched the first episode,it seems interesting to continue,so i might continue giving the review later.although unfortunately,im a little bothered by the male protagonist's acting.he's kinda awkward here.

nanny mcphee (UK movie 2005)

synopsis :click here for complete info.

the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.

comment :i watched this on local television a couple of days ago,and its way far than i expected it to be.i thought the father ended up with the nanny mcphee since she turned from ugly face into a pretty face,but instead, he fell in love to his maid, since nanny mcphee is a witch.oh please, im fooled.but for the story quite cliche and the bride-to-be lady is horrible so of course he won't chose her.too typical of fairy tale story.its kinda disappointing.

Friday, February 5, 2010

naruto update :naruto ch.481,bleach ch.391,hsd kenichi ch.370

naruto chapter 481: danzou's death

when i read the chapter is like,what?!?! why that damn saucegay didn't just go to hell already instead of that old geezer danzou and karin.and what the hell that stupid sakura would do by herself trying to kill saucegay?omg this is so lame and lame,with the fact that danzou also want good thing for konoha while reminiscing the past when he was young with the 2nd hokage and the other of my friend in one site even said that he might leave this manga since its getting on his nerve.and what made me laugh is in the last page the translator change the title from naruto to sasuke in the small icon :P
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bleach chapter 391:the blazing glaicers

still the shinigamis,vaizards againts aizen by one they fall in his hand and ichigo was just like wahhh amazed and still do nothing. 3captains,hitsugaya and 2 others made the final blow helped by one vaizard(sorry i forget some of their names),but is it really the end of aizen?although he got stabbed in his chest.who knows
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history's strongest disciple kenichi chapter 370 :interdisciplinary sparring match
kenichi shocked by the elder's decision to make him fight the guest.its funny and hillarious chapter love the expressions and the fight.bravo!
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biggest disappointment if its true for narusaku

when i read this article here i feel down and disappointed,not only the part SAKURA LOVES SAUCEGAY oh sorry sasuke(i hate to write his name), and no love story for shikamaru.what a waste,i thought if the author want to gather more fans by adding more interesting part as'romance' in his manga it will be great and not just a boring modern ninja stories.

i just wish this manga would end soon, i wish for something like inuyasha or atleast like rurouni kenshin for the ending,but i guess it will be like dreaming in the daylight since the author should just change the title into sasuke shippuuden judging by the recent chapters,sasuke marvelously have all the sharingan jutsus active in no time when he needed,while naruto had to learn and learn for months,and had turned him into a lame emo guy.

i suppose history's strongest disciple kenichi has more of it in every aspects and i grow loving it more and more than naruto now. next after inuyasha,rurouni kenshin and tsubasa reservoir chronicles.

*insert pic is mine!(c)

cellular ( US movie 2004 )

synopsis :click here for complete info.

remake:The film inspired a 2008 Chinese language remake by director Benny Chan. The film, Connected, stars Barbie Hsu and Louis Koo in the Basinger and Evans roles respectively. A Bollywood remake of this film called Speed was released in India in 2007 starring Urmila Matondkar, Zyed Khan, Sanjay Suri but despite including an ensemble cast, did not succeed like the here for info on connected.the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.

comment : i watched this (again) on the local television channel,and i thought it was good,it remind me of my old short novel,although i didn't know back then that there was any movie like this or simply i haven't watch this its purely coincident.but this movie is surely good enough for when i read the article of 'connected' that they tried to make the story more make sense or anything i guess it didn't have to be that far,maybe it simply said they want it to be a couple younger female protagonist and older male protagonist,so in the end there is a happy ending (*_*)!!.