Wednesday, February 17, 2010

amarte asi (telenovela 2005)

synopsis :Margarita is a young mother of Frijolito and working in Ignacio's, Chantal's, Lucrecia's and Francisco's house with Francisco's two daughters. It basically sums up how the character's relationships are with each other, whether is loving or hating. Quite a lot of conspiracies in how the characters plan quite evil and dangerous stuff towards each other. Other characters include Don Pedro (restaurant owner, quite important in this Novella), Frjolito and his friends (quite annoying if you ask me!) and other bits and bobs that have important things to do but very little parts.

comment:actually im pissed when the local teve who play this series by replacing pasion de gavilanes.cause i thought that the previous series was more famous and the plot has many interesting roots for story line.but then again who am i? i just hope they will play it again someday. meanwhile amarte asi is very typical cinderella story in a modern world and very common for telenovela,which i find it somehow very boring.

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