Tuesday, February 2, 2010

biggest disappointment if its true for narusaku

when i read this article here i feel down and disappointed,not only the part SAKURA LOVES SAUCEGAY oh sorry sasuke(i hate to write his name), and no love story for shikamaru.what a waste,i thought if the author want to gather more fans by adding more interesting part as'romance' in his manga it will be great and not just a boring modern ninja stories.

i just wish this manga would end soon, i wish for something like inuyasha or atleast like rurouni kenshin for the ending,but i guess it will be like dreaming in the daylight since the author should just change the title into sasuke shippuuden judging by the recent chapters,sasuke marvelously have all the sharingan jutsus active in no time when he needed,while naruto had to learn and learn for months,and had turned him into a lame emo guy.

i suppose history's strongest disciple kenichi has more of it in every aspects and i grow loving it more and more than naruto now. next after inuyasha,rurouni kenshin and tsubasa reservoir chronicles.

*insert pic is mine!(c)

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