Thursday, February 25, 2010

bleach 393:the burnout inferno, hsd kenichi 373:comrade in arms

bleach chapter 393 :the burnout inferno

aizen slashed the captains and vaizards without mercy until the head of gotei 13 fight him directly.
but unfortunately he's still lose to aizen's tricky tactic.meanwhile ichigo just stand there helplessly without doing nothing yet with his shocked expression.still wait until the real battle between aizen and ichigo.

history's strongest disciple kenichi chapter 373: comrade in arms

freya's followers asked kenichi and one of his ryozanpaku master to help rescue freya and her grandfather,but unfortunately only shigure available meanwhile kenichi thinks she's the worst option.and in this chapter for the first time the real face of tirawit kokin's master clearly showed. oh my,i guess i have to re-draw him now..
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