Wednesday, February 10, 2010

im so happy do airbrushing-like on my photoshop7

a few weeks lately i was crazy for drawing again,its like i found my long lost true love and my world.Actually,it has been a long time since i was a little girl i knew what i want for my future occupation,but unfortunately there were not enough facilities and future for my hobbies in actual life cause my country is not Japan,where comic artist can make a living through their imagination.

and by the encouragement from my new friends i met in one fansite,i started my old hobby,drawing cartoon characters.i even can express it and show it to the world in my DA account.
so i began to draw more.naruto,bleach and kenichi ,all that my fave manga,including some of the requests from my friends.

atfirst im using the old technique i knew,by using coreldraw's coloring and photoshop's little editing/finishing,but after one night i find one site who indirectly taught me abt the other side of photoshop or lets say maximize it,i was very excited to try and i feel im getting better and still doing it until now,and many of my artworks has been done.i love it,i hope i can improve better and better too in the future.yay! shiawase naa!!! \(^O^)/

the artwork is mine in the insert pic

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