Thursday, February 25, 2010

naruto update: manga chapter 484:team 7

naruto manga chapter 484: team seven

sakura's crying while healing karin and karin told her that hi/sasuke's chakra is colder than ever, he's not the same person u used to know.

sasuke babbling out and tell kakashi that he as an outsider didn't deserve to have sharingan, and no matter what kakashi said,sasuke still stubborn with his emo-ness about itachi's become the victim for the peace konoha's people gain so sasuke start with his susano'o and put a direct arrow shot to kakashi whose managed to avoid by using his mangekyo sharingan.

naruto's remembering what itachi,raikage and gaara's said then said to himself he will know the answer after seeing sasuke by his own eyes.

but the susano'o is starting to fadeaway as he loses his sight,sakura tries to stab him ata the back but got trembled,and let sasuke manage to choke her neck and take over the kunai to kill her,kakashi is shock and tries to save her by yelling don't do it to sasuke,but our hero,naruto comes along to save her with a small cut in his cheek.kakashi and sakura surprised.
yay! finally naruto is back on the fighting scene..cant wait for the next chapter to come .

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