Friday, February 5, 2010

naruto update :naruto ch.481,bleach ch.391,hsd kenichi ch.370

naruto chapter 481: danzou's death

when i read the chapter is like,what?!?! why that damn saucegay didn't just go to hell already instead of that old geezer danzou and karin.and what the hell that stupid sakura would do by herself trying to kill saucegay?omg this is so lame and lame,with the fact that danzou also want good thing for konoha while reminiscing the past when he was young with the 2nd hokage and the other of my friend in one site even said that he might leave this manga since its getting on his nerve.and what made me laugh is in the last page the translator change the title from naruto to sasuke in the small icon :P
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bleach chapter 391:the blazing glaicers

still the shinigamis,vaizards againts aizen by one they fall in his hand and ichigo was just like wahhh amazed and still do nothing. 3captains,hitsugaya and 2 others made the final blow helped by one vaizard(sorry i forget some of their names),but is it really the end of aizen?although he got stabbed in his chest.who knows
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history's strongest disciple kenichi chapter 370 :interdisciplinary sparring match
kenichi shocked by the elder's decision to make him fight the guest.its funny and hillarious chapter love the expressions and the fight.bravo!
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