Wednesday, February 10, 2010

naruto update :naruto ch.482,hsd kenichi 371

naruto manga ch.482 :
Naruto was told to rest under Yamato's watch, but he manages to sneak away and go towards Kakashi.

Outwitted by Sakura, Sai, Lee, and Neji have been put to sleep.

Madara collects Danzō's corpse (so he can obtain Shisui's eyes)
(It appears to be a fruitless effort, since Danzō smashed Shisui's eyes while he was on the verge of death, making recovery impossible)
Madara: "Finish the girl off, she knows too much"
Sasuke: "When did become your comrade? I have no reason to follow your orders"
Madara leaves. Sasuke approaches Karin, while Karin reminisces.
Karin hails from the same village of Konoha. Back when they had to collect the scrolls of Heaven and Earth, Karin lost her comrades and was attacked by a bear, but she was saved.
Boy Sasuke: Is that a Scroll of Earth? Well, bye~ (smiling face)
Current Sasuke: (face dies away) Well, bye~
Karin: I just wanted to see his face one more time...
Just when he wants to finish Karin off, Sakura appears
Sasuke: "Sakura...? How did you find me?"
Sakura: (This is the current Sasuke-kun. He changed so much...)
"I'm going to accompany you Sasuke-kun, so I'm running from konoha as well!!"

The End
comment :omfg, what the hell! XP its getting worst and annoying more words to say.the link to read the comic will be available tomorrow or the day after.and the filler anime episode its about the 6th tails bubble man, utakata.

history's strongest disciple kenichi ch.371 :2similar fighter
its still about kenichi's sparring match againts tanaka,the man who will take revenge for his master toward ogata.kenichi lose the war but win the battle.and also there are some hillarious part which made laugh to my hurts since its like a great entertainment!
click here to read.

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