Wednesday, February 17, 2010

naruto update:naruto manga ch.483

483 :sasuke vs kakashi?
Something amazing happens.

If Sakura deals the final blow to Karin, Sasuke will replace her on his team. So she stands before Karin with a kunai. If she takes out Sasuke now though, she could end everything~

Sasuke uses Chidori from behind and aims for the head, trying to stab her. Kakashi appears and saves Sakura. He intended to kill her…Sasuke has fallen.
Some conversational exachanges occur.
Kakashi: I don’t want to kill you.
Sasuke: Ha, you always talk as if you could kill me sensei. But it’s I that has been itching to kill you, Kakashi.
And some more after that, he says at the end..
Kakashi: I now understand what the 3rd meant. In the way Orochimaru has fallen, I’m afraid I’ve no choice…
Sasuke: Fine, so then you will follow in the 3rd’s footsteps then!!

It ends there (Kakashi tells Sakura to get away as she’s treating Karin.)
Kakashi: Sakura, don’t be burdened into thinking you have to take out Sasuke alone. That is my duty. Don’t be obsessed with revenge like Sasuke.
Sasuke: Itachi…my father and mother…the clan…if you can bring them all back, then I’ll stop!!

Kakashi: Sorry Sakura for being nothing but irresponsible…(is this a sign he might die?) Sakura, I’m leaving this kid [Karin] to you. You probably know the enemies circumstances well. You have time to treat her and get away. Leave this to me.

Sakura didn’t commit suicide after all.
Sasuke VS Kakashi.
Will Naruto make an appearance too?

comment:oh no..not another sasuke fighting scenes (*_*)!! bored to death already,give me some naruto !!!!!!

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