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naruto update: naruto chapter 489, kabuto confronts madara

Karin goes into detail about everything but when asked about madara and sasuke she claims to be hungry and requests katsudon

tsuande is pigging out to replenish her chakra. kakashi appears
(I) just missed being made hokage
Tsundade calls for a meeting and prepares for war

Naruto visits the fortune telling frog
mainly -you are going to meet an octopus and confront one with powerful eyes.
Can you guess who they are?
Naruto: I'm ready
He gets the key for the kyubi seal

Kabuto confronts madara

ah Sasori's old spy, traitors must die. -and with that he attacks kabuto. a summons appears behind (tobi?)
Madara: This...this is edotensei!

from the casket comes itachi, sasori, deidera kakuzu and nagato.

Kabuto: You're surprised right! (KWGOD: aren't we all!) This is the 2nd's jutsu and only oro could use it. I have mastered it to a level exceeding those two.

madara let's work together

Short translation about Madara and Kabuto
Kabuto confronted Madara and he used edo tensei to revive all those people soulbane itachi, sasori, nagato, deidara and kakuzu appeared and Madara recognized the technique...
Kabuto then asks if he is surprised then he resumes and says that this jutsu is Nidaime Hokage's jutsu...only him and orochimaru could do it, but now he can do it as well(probably the due to the White Snake)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

musim baru selebritis indonesia:merebut suami org

akhir2 ini makin marak berita2 yg membuat ill feel terjadi dikalangan selebritis lokal.ada dua kejadian yg sedang ramai dibicarakan.tentang KD dan Joy tobing,yg dianggap merebut suami orang alias seorang pria yg terikat perkawinan.padahal apa yg dikejar?apa murni cinta?sepertinya tidak juga,tapi faktor ekonomi turut mendukung.

padahal klo mereka mau belajar dari beberapa artis yg sudah mengambil langkah ini sebelumnya dan berpikir bijak,maka hal ini tdk akan terjadi,mereka tdk akan memaksakan mengambil langkah nekad yg bs berakibat buruk pd image mereka sendiri .coba lihat reza artamevia,atau artamevira? whatever lah,juga elma theana,bisa dilihat akhir karir mereka yg lsg cepat meredup padahal blm tentu pengorbanan yg mereka telah lakukan sepadan dgn hasil yg mereka dpt sendiri.

apalagi saat mendengar YS yg menyebut istri dari pacar adiknya sbg' iby yg tdk lebih pintar dari saya' , seperti mendengar org bodoh mempertontonkan kebodohannya.kenapa?karena org pintar tidak akan menghina/merendahkan/menyindir org lain dgn cara seperti itu,mereka akan berpikir jauh lebih panjang sebelum mengucapkan kata apapun yg nantinya berpotensi menyulut masalah yg lebih besar dan merugikan dirinya jadi terpikir kata2nya jg yg merasa tersinggung dgn cara bercanda sang pacar RA dengan O dan L,padahal kalo berbesar hati itu hanyalah tak lebih dari candaan belaka.kalo sampai RA nekat menikahi Ys bukan tidak mungkin karirnya yg cemerlang sekarang akan ikut terbawa meredup dan ditinggalkan org.

hanya satu hal yg pasti menurut saya,setiap apapun yg kita perbuat akan ada konsekuensi dan hasil yg dituai baik buruknya,bisa jg dikatakan karma nya.hanya lebih menjaga diri dan ucapan akan banyak membantu kita menghindari masalah2 dikemudian hari walau itu kadang2 tidak mudah.

new manga i read :Negaigoto 300000km/s(one shot)

Series Info

Title: Negaigoto 300000km/s

Categories: one shot, romance, shounen

Author: Megumi Kouji

Artist: Megumi Kouji

Chapters: 1 - completed


Meguru is leaving her home town for Tokyo. Before the parting she and her friend Taichi are sitting on the river bank and looking at the starry here to read

comment: i lost it,i was confused in the meant to be great romance but i felt the opposite way.the most not understandable plot for one shot.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

naruto update :manga ch.488 the villages

click here for reading the manga.
well my wound is healing later on seeing how the new chapter goes.the story focusing on kakashi (with karin behind his back),naruto and sakura went back to the place where sai kiba+akamaru and lee looked embarrase of herself doing such thing to them and said that she will properly ask for forgiveness later.and naruto instead of waking them up,he feel a sleep beside them, while sakura as always shout at him but then got her mouth shut by what karin said.

as expected they're all got angry and sai told the anbu root that danzou passed away.when i see the reunion all the naruto group in one place,is kinda bring back the memmories of old time,and naruto convince them ,no one can handle sasuke but him,although there's definitely something inside his mind as what karin was thinking before i also felt that way,that he's hiding something. well the great news is tsunade is awake,young as ever and kakashi didn't become a hokage afterall. and all the feudal lords agreed to the unite of all ninja villages againts akatsuki.there..i think the summary is enough.well im eager to know more now...(^_^)/

Sunday, March 21, 2010

robsten engaged

just yesterday i read some articles in the net about this robsten(robert pattinson and kristen stewart) got engage after they decided to move in together in one house.i dont know whether its true or only gossip from the reporter or papparazi who stalked them most of the time after they became hugely famous as their movie twilight and new moon captured the teens and young people's hearts.

as long as the star still shining brightly over them,they will be the biggest selling object to the media,just to satisfy their fans.well this is not the first case after all, i've seen many cases on the other celebrities before.some smoothly landed their love in long lasting relationship or even marriage but some other were just unlucky enough for it.well eventually we will see what will happen to this couple in the future.but i like their movies,well-built chemistry among both and the romance melted the heart of their fans.

black bird (japan manga)

Series Info

Title: Black Bird

Categories: comedy, drama, fantasy, mature, romance, shoujo, supernatural

Author: Sakurakoji Kanoko

Artist: Sakurakoji Kanoko

Chapters: 14 - ongoing - irregular


There is a world of myth and magic that intersects ours, and only a special few can see it. Misao Harada can see these magical realms and frankly, she wants nothing to do with it. She'd just as soon ignore her special gift in favor of having a normal high school life and maybe getting a boyfriend.
One day, Misao is attacked by a demon, and her childhood friend Kyo suddenly re-appears to save her and tend to her cuts - with his tongue! It turns out Misao is the bride of prophecy, whose blood gives power to the demon clan who claims her. But most demons want to keep her power for themselves - by eating her! Now Misao is just trying to stay alive... and decide if she likes it when Kyo licks her here for reading the manga.

comment: the story is quite interesting although its also a typical japanese shoujo manga with the beautiful guys who love an ordinary girl.the thing is,love between human and inhuman creature is the main vampire knight,hana to akuma,the similarities cant be helped. well maybe girls love to fall for a dangerous handsome guys anyway,i cant agree more to that ^^

hachiko: a dog story (US movie 2009)

Hachiko: A Dog's Story is a 2009 American drama film based on the true story of the faithful Akita Hachikō. It is a remake of the 1987 Japanese film Hachikō Monogatari.

synopsis:A college professor (Richard Gere) takes in an abandoned dog and they form an unbreakable bond. The dog arrives daily at the correct time at the station, to meet his owner. After the professor dies while away from home, the dog keeps vigil waiting for his master for nearly a decade.for complete info click here
the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.

comment:the first time i heard this legend is when i watched IWGP(ikebukuro west gate park), one japan drama a few weeks of the character told the other about the hachiko statue's history. and now this movie is a remake of the japanese version.i prefer to look for both version to compare before giving any review later.but this sure is interesting.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

you're beautiful (korean drama 2010)

synopsis :A girl replaces her twin brother in a boyband group named A.N.J.E.L.L. She tries hard to adjust herself while hiding her true here for complete info.the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.

comment: well some people said this drama is quite interesting,although after i check the rating share was kind of low.but never judge a book by its cover,i hope this one is good.i will add review later on.
the story was actually quite good,however the ending was sucks and some parts of the story were just unbelievable. how unfortunate :(.

about naruto,kenichi and bleach update

after i learn the way the story goes,i might not always review the new chapter of each manga,but more to if i found something interesting in the plot i will comment on it or link to the manga. as for now since i didn't find the mood to review it cause of the awful and pretty boring story especially for naruto and bleach,i decide to irregularly write about it.naruto's and bleach's authors seems to lose their great ideas to develop the story anymore. its like walking in the same place without even moving forward.well some of the people also decise to leave the manga afterall.well i will not do it as long as it doesn't piss me off. as for kenichi i've doing the review on one forum so i didn't have to do it here anymore.

for those who read the review here,can check on the latest update to some of naruto blogs.ask google and u will be provided with a bunch of it.thats all

dragon zakura (japan drama 2005)

synopsis :Sakuragi Kenji is a  lawyer  who has the ambition to guide 5 students from the most low rate high school in Japan to enter Toudai. Impossible but by trying hard it can be changed into possibility. click here for complete info.the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.
comment:one of the best drama I've seen after GTO and gokusen.cause it motivates us to try the hardest the fullest of our strength to achieve what we want and nothing is impossible.great one!

God of Study (korean drama 2010)

synopsis :A Korean drama version of Dragon here for more info.the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.

comment: i read from the local magazine that this drama is interesting but after i read the info from drama wiki,now i know course it will be interesting since its taken from dragon zakura,one of my favorite japan dorama ever.well i guess i can see where this story will end up.i'll watch it and give a resume later whether its better than the original or even worst.since for hanayori dango for me the japan version is the here for dragon zakura info

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shakira and rafael nadal are 'close'

shakira and rafael nadal:dating or just friends

A steamy appearance by tennis champion Rafael Nadal in a new music video by Shakira has sparked rumors that the hotties may be more than just friends.

It looks like that's all we're talking about, though: rumors.Last week, the pair, who heat up the video for her song "Gypsy," premiering in April, was spotted sharing a cozy meal at the W Hotel in Barcelona, Spain.

"They were giggling. They're very flirty," a source says of the music video shoot.

"They had a lot of chemistry while they were filming, and after as well."

In the "Gypsy" video, the 33-year-old Colombian singer and the 23-year-old Spanish athlete roll around, hold hands, embraces, and look smoldering.

But don't get any ideas.

Shakira is quasi-engaged to Antonio de la Rua, the son of former Argentine president Fernando de la Rúa. While she is reluctant to wed, they have been together nine years and, she says, have been totally monogamous. Nine years!

Nadal, meanwhile, is dating his high school sweetheart, Maria Francisca Perello, and his rep denied a romantic relationship between the "good friends."

Friends may be all they are, but Shakira has still seen Rafael Nadal shirtless up close and in the flesh. For that she is likely the envy of many here for the link info.

rafael nadal and shakira caught romancing together

The Spanish Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal and the sensetional Colombian Popsinger Shakira was caught romancing together in Nobu Tribeca during the promoting event of Shakira's new album "she-wolf".The 23 year old glamour boy Rafael Nadal wa dating for three years with his high school friend Maria who's nick name is Xisca.

But now it seems that Nadal begans to eye the 32 year old popsinger shakira.According to a Newyork post , the both began to talk first but later on they moved to a table for maintaining info click here

comment:well this is interesting, to find out are they gonna be like enrique iglesias and anna kournikova in reverse position?hmm we'll see,since temptation is always bigger when both parties are engaged or in relationship.

naruto update :manga chapter 485 chidori vs rasengan

485: Close...and far away...
Cover: Naruto and Sasuke are facing each other
Uzumaki Naruto. Uchiha Sasuke. The drop-out and the elite. Valiance and hatred. A struggle with zero distance between them.

They finally exchange looks...Naruto glares at Sasuke...Sasuke glares at Naruto
Taking the opportunity, Kakashi punches Sasuke.Sasuke's sent flying and perfectly lands on his feet.
Kakashi: "You have better timing than me...Naruto. I didn't think that even you would be coming..but forget about that, you were a life-saver."
Sakura: "T-Thank you...Naruto"
Naruto: "Sasuke...Sakura's a member of Team 7, just as you are"
Sasuke's eyes are a pale shade: "Former-Team 7...I was"
Kakashi: "You understand how it is now, Naruto.
Sasuke's no longer who he was in the past"
Naruto: "Sasuke..."
Sasuke: "...What?!"
Naruto: "I heard the truth of Itachi from that guy Tobi! I don't really know whether it's lies or truth...but whatever it is, all that you're doing right now..."
Sakura: "!" (The truth of Itachi...?!)
Naruto: "I get it"
Kakashi: "!"
Sakura: "!?"
Sasuke: "...!"
Sasuke: "Naruto...I told you this could someone like you, without parents, without a brother, how in the hell could you get me?"Sasuke scowls at Naruto
Sasuke: "Others should be silent!"
Sakura: ! "As if those are the thoughts Naruto regarded you with, Sasuke-kun! Whatever ill that was spoken of you, Naruto had always thought of you as a companion! Not only then but even now..."
Sasuke: "It was just right now....Just right now that I finally took vengeance on Itachi's behalf. I killed just one of Konoha's superiors, right at this spot...a guy called Danzou"
Kakashi: (...What?...That Danzou has been...?!)
Sakura: !
Sasuke: "It's a feeling I've never had. The feeling of the tainted Uchiha being purified-
The feeling of breaking the Uchiha away from the rotted-off world of shinobi-
In a sense, it's what you all of Konoha have always desired, what you've continued to deny the Uchiha since the start-Just as you all desire, I'll erase the Uchiha from your memories-
By killing all of you, all of Konoha! Severing all those bonds will be that which brings the true revival of the Uchiha!"
Sasuke's explanation is ringing out
Sakura: "Sasuke-kun..."
Kakashi: (...All that hatred piling up over history has formed Sasuke into who he is right now... it may not be clear to Naruto and Sakura that Sasuke's a victim of that era, but they feel it right through their very skin. That's the reason why...)
Naruto does Kage bunshin
Kakashi: "This is my duty, Naruto...Sakura. Disappear from this place"
Sakura: "But...Kakashi-sensei!"
Kakashi: "If you're here, you'll see something you don't want to....Go now!"
Sakura: "I...!"
Kakashi starts walking: "Sasuke won't die from the embedded poison you learned from Shizune that you put into your kunai...Orochimaru implanted him with the antibiotic resistance. Besides, [you] should already know how [i] feel"
Sasuke prepares Chidori and starts walking
Karin: (Sasuke...I may have healed you...but this is'm through...through with Sasuke...)
Naruto: "Kakashi-sensei, so you mean to...kill Sasuke?"
Kakashi: "...Go!"
The Kage Bunshin Naruto pins Kakashi's arms behind his back
The real Naruto starts walking while making RasenganSasuke also starts making Chidori on his left hand and starts walking: "There's an opening now! I won't be going easy on you!"
Kakashi: "Wait, Naruto!"
Sakura: "Naruto!"
They clash right in front of one another
Naruto: (Sasuke, maybe...maybe me and you were opposites...)
Naruto: "Rasengan!" Sasuke: "Chidori!'
The conclusion isn't settled...
Naruto and Sasuke look at each other
Naruto places a hand on his belly "I know how you the past everyone in the village hated me...And the reason for that is the Kyuubi inside of me. the past I hated everyone in the village as well and I sometimes thought about revenge too...If I held on to that...probably I would have thought terrible things like you...
I thought about who was a friend to me... I thought I didn't need bonds. And I met you and Iruka-sensei"
Sasuke: "..."
Naruto: "I knew you were always alone .Being just like you brought peace to me...and soon after I talked to you...and I was so happy!But after that I stopped. You could do anything...and I
was jealous of you. I decided you were my rival!You became my goal.No matter what, I held onto that bond. Team 7 started going on missions together.I wanted to become strong like you. But I was always behind you, chasing your back"
Sasuke: "..."
Naruto, with a big smile on his face.Naruto: "I was so happy to meet you"
Sasuke: "Naruto it's too talked to me...but now it's too late to change me!!
I will completely wipe out you, the villagers and everyone else!!At this point, your choice...killing me becoming the hero of the village!!Or being killed by me, becoming a loser!!
Naruto looks at him squarely in the face, he decided,Naruto: "I won't be a loser against you! And I won't kill you and become an hero either! (my decision) is neither of them!!"

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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (japan drama 2010)

synopsis : 4 beautiful handsome guys live freely together in one villa and one day the owner of the villa asked them a favor to help changing the attitude of her weird niece who love gothic things but socially introvert with a reward of free expenses til they here for complete info.the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.

comment:this sounds interesting i'll put in my list :-D I've watched some episodes, its funny but somehow quite annoying in some part of the scenes. Well, no harm for lite entertaining  :P

innocent love vs untouchable drama comparison

after i watched these two drama i found one obvious similarity,the main characters shared the same pasts, losing their parents in arson accident and murdered.its like the reverse version although one thing that obvious,the brothers loved their little sisters.

although the storyline is quite different in genre,one is romance(innocent love) and the other is mystery,comedy(untouchable), but somehow the truth about the brother who killed their parents thing is the same.the mysterious cool act of the brother,and the main cause of the crime is domestic violence, its similar.

meanwhile the sister play the girl who is innocent,knows nothing and good(boring actually).
unfortunately in both drama i dont like the actings played by nakama yukie and maki horikita. its not natural and well again boring.for yukie,she's too gokusen and trick style acting and kinda hurt my eyes.while maki is being a sweetheart girl also didn't suit to her personality,i like her better in nobuta or hanakimi.

well its just my opinion.although the drama could be develped into a better and more interesting plot.i guess the rating share info quite accurate to what i have to say here.