Sunday, March 14, 2010

about naruto,kenichi and bleach update

after i learn the way the story goes,i might not always review the new chapter of each manga,but more to if i found something interesting in the plot i will comment on it or link to the manga. as for now since i didn't find the mood to review it cause of the awful and pretty boring story especially for naruto and bleach,i decide to irregularly write about it.naruto's and bleach's authors seems to lose their great ideas to develop the story anymore. its like walking in the same place without even moving forward.well some of the people also decise to leave the manga afterall.well i will not do it as long as it doesn't piss me off. as for kenichi i've doing the review on one forum so i didn't have to do it here anymore.

for those who read the review here,can check on the latest update to some of naruto blogs.ask google and u will be provided with a bunch of it.thats all

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