Wednesday, March 3, 2010

innocent love vs untouchable drama comparison

after i watched these two drama i found one obvious similarity,the main characters shared the same pasts, losing their parents in arson accident and murdered.its like the reverse version although one thing that obvious,the brothers loved their little sisters.

although the storyline is quite different in genre,one is romance(innocent love) and the other is mystery,comedy(untouchable), but somehow the truth about the brother who killed their parents thing is the same.the mysterious cool act of the brother,and the main cause of the crime is domestic violence, its similar.

meanwhile the sister play the girl who is innocent,knows nothing and good(boring actually).
unfortunately in both drama i dont like the actings played by nakama yukie and maki horikita. its not natural and well again boring.for yukie,she's too gokusen and trick style acting and kinda hurt my eyes.while maki is being a sweetheart girl also didn't suit to her personality,i like her better in nobuta or hanakimi.

well its just my opinion.although the drama could be develped into a better and more interesting plot.i guess the rating share info quite accurate to what i have to say here.

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