Thursday, March 25, 2010

naruto update :manga ch.488 the villages

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well my wound is healing later on seeing how the new chapter goes.the story focusing on kakashi (with karin behind his back),naruto and sakura went back to the place where sai kiba+akamaru and lee looked embarrase of herself doing such thing to them and said that she will properly ask for forgiveness later.and naruto instead of waking them up,he feel a sleep beside them, while sakura as always shout at him but then got her mouth shut by what karin said.

as expected they're all got angry and sai told the anbu root that danzou passed away.when i see the reunion all the naruto group in one place,is kinda bring back the memmories of old time,and naruto convince them ,no one can handle sasuke but him,although there's definitely something inside his mind as what karin was thinking before i also felt that way,that he's hiding something. well the great news is tsunade is awake,young as ever and kakashi didn't become a hokage afterall. and all the feudal lords agreed to the unite of all ninja villages againts akatsuki.there..i think the summary is enough.well im eager to know more now...(^_^)/

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