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naruto update :manga chapter 485 chidori vs rasengan

485: Close...and far away...
Cover: Naruto and Sasuke are facing each other
Uzumaki Naruto. Uchiha Sasuke. The drop-out and the elite. Valiance and hatred. A struggle with zero distance between them.

They finally exchange looks...Naruto glares at Sasuke...Sasuke glares at Naruto
Taking the opportunity, Kakashi punches Sasuke.Sasuke's sent flying and perfectly lands on his feet.
Kakashi: "You have better timing than me...Naruto. I didn't think that even you would be coming..but forget about that, you were a life-saver."
Sakura: "T-Thank you...Naruto"
Naruto: "Sasuke...Sakura's a member of Team 7, just as you are"
Sasuke's eyes are a pale shade: "Former-Team 7...I was"
Kakashi: "You understand how it is now, Naruto.
Sasuke's no longer who he was in the past"
Naruto: "Sasuke..."
Sasuke: "...What?!"
Naruto: "I heard the truth of Itachi from that guy Tobi! I don't really know whether it's lies or truth...but whatever it is, all that you're doing right now..."
Sakura: "!" (The truth of Itachi...?!)
Naruto: "I get it"
Kakashi: "!"
Sakura: "!?"
Sasuke: "...!"
Sasuke: "Naruto...I told you this could someone like you, without parents, without a brother, how in the hell could you get me?"Sasuke scowls at Naruto
Sasuke: "Others should be silent!"
Sakura: ! "As if those are the thoughts Naruto regarded you with, Sasuke-kun! Whatever ill that was spoken of you, Naruto had always thought of you as a companion! Not only then but even now..."
Sasuke: "It was just right now....Just right now that I finally took vengeance on Itachi's behalf. I killed just one of Konoha's superiors, right at this spot...a guy called Danzou"
Kakashi: (...What?...That Danzou has been...?!)
Sakura: !
Sasuke: "It's a feeling I've never had. The feeling of the tainted Uchiha being purified-
The feeling of breaking the Uchiha away from the rotted-off world of shinobi-
In a sense, it's what you all of Konoha have always desired, what you've continued to deny the Uchiha since the start-Just as you all desire, I'll erase the Uchiha from your memories-
By killing all of you, all of Konoha! Severing all those bonds will be that which brings the true revival of the Uchiha!"
Sasuke's explanation is ringing out
Sakura: "Sasuke-kun..."
Kakashi: (...All that hatred piling up over history has formed Sasuke into who he is right now... it may not be clear to Naruto and Sakura that Sasuke's a victim of that era, but they feel it right through their very skin. That's the reason why...)
Naruto does Kage bunshin
Kakashi: "This is my duty, Naruto...Sakura. Disappear from this place"
Sakura: "But...Kakashi-sensei!"
Kakashi: "If you're here, you'll see something you don't want to....Go now!"
Sakura: "I...!"
Kakashi starts walking: "Sasuke won't die from the embedded poison you learned from Shizune that you put into your kunai...Orochimaru implanted him with the antibiotic resistance. Besides, [you] should already know how [i] feel"
Sasuke prepares Chidori and starts walking
Karin: (Sasuke...I may have healed you...but this is'm through...through with Sasuke...)
Naruto: "Kakashi-sensei, so you mean to...kill Sasuke?"
Kakashi: "...Go!"
The Kage Bunshin Naruto pins Kakashi's arms behind his back
The real Naruto starts walking while making RasenganSasuke also starts making Chidori on his left hand and starts walking: "There's an opening now! I won't be going easy on you!"
Kakashi: "Wait, Naruto!"
Sakura: "Naruto!"
They clash right in front of one another
Naruto: (Sasuke, maybe...maybe me and you were opposites...)
Naruto: "Rasengan!" Sasuke: "Chidori!'
The conclusion isn't settled...
Naruto and Sasuke look at each other
Naruto places a hand on his belly "I know how you the past everyone in the village hated me...And the reason for that is the Kyuubi inside of me. the past I hated everyone in the village as well and I sometimes thought about revenge too...If I held on to that...probably I would have thought terrible things like you...
I thought about who was a friend to me... I thought I didn't need bonds. And I met you and Iruka-sensei"
Sasuke: "..."
Naruto: "I knew you were always alone .Being just like you brought peace to me...and soon after I talked to you...and I was so happy!But after that I stopped. You could do anything...and I
was jealous of you. I decided you were my rival!You became my goal.No matter what, I held onto that bond. Team 7 started going on missions together.I wanted to become strong like you. But I was always behind you, chasing your back"
Sasuke: "..."
Naruto, with a big smile on his face.Naruto: "I was so happy to meet you"
Sasuke: "Naruto it's too talked to me...but now it's too late to change me!!
I will completely wipe out you, the villagers and everyone else!!At this point, your choice...killing me becoming the hero of the village!!Or being killed by me, becoming a loser!!
Naruto looks at him squarely in the face, he decided,Naruto: "I won't be a loser against you! And I won't kill you and become an hero either! (my decision) is neither of them!!"

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