Wednesday, March 31, 2010

naruto update: naruto chapter 489, kabuto confronts madara

Karin goes into detail about everything but when asked about madara and sasuke she claims to be hungry and requests katsudon

tsuande is pigging out to replenish her chakra. kakashi appears
(I) just missed being made hokage
Tsundade calls for a meeting and prepares for war

Naruto visits the fortune telling frog
mainly -you are going to meet an octopus and confront one with powerful eyes.
Can you guess who they are?
Naruto: I'm ready
He gets the key for the kyubi seal

Kabuto confronts madara

ah Sasori's old spy, traitors must die. -and with that he attacks kabuto. a summons appears behind (tobi?)
Madara: This...this is edotensei!

from the casket comes itachi, sasori, deidera kakuzu and nagato.

Kabuto: You're surprised right! (KWGOD: aren't we all!) This is the 2nd's jutsu and only oro could use it. I have mastered it to a level exceeding those two.

madara let's work together

Short translation about Madara and Kabuto
Kabuto confronted Madara and he used edo tensei to revive all those people soulbane itachi, sasori, nagato, deidara and kakuzu appeared and Madara recognized the technique...
Kabuto then asks if he is surprised then he resumes and says that this jutsu is Nidaime Hokage's jutsu...only him and orochimaru could do it, but now he can do it as well(probably the due to the White Snake)

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