Sunday, March 21, 2010

robsten engaged

just yesterday i read some articles in the net about this robsten(robert pattinson and kristen stewart) got engage after they decided to move in together in one house.i dont know whether its true or only gossip from the reporter or papparazi who stalked them most of the time after they became hugely famous as their movie twilight and new moon captured the teens and young people's hearts.

as long as the star still shining brightly over them,they will be the biggest selling object to the media,just to satisfy their fans.well this is not the first case after all, i've seen many cases on the other celebrities before.some smoothly landed their love in long lasting relationship or even marriage but some other were just unlucky enough for it.well eventually we will see what will happen to this couple in the future.but i like their movies,well-built chemistry among both and the romance melted the heart of their fans.

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