Monday, April 26, 2010

about naruto shipp movie 3,anime and manga

naruto shippuuden movie3: the inheritor of will of fire
comment :after watching the movie,i must say,the story line is boring and nonetheless as the previous movie,its just not interesting at all.the only movie i like from naruto movies is the 1st shippuuden movie.i even like bleach movie 3 better than this one.too much flashbacks and predictable scenes.although i must say i love the part where sakura shows how care she is to naruto :D,thats the only thing i love from the for the rest is boring.

naruto shippuuden latest anime episodes,155-157 :has come to the critical point where pain start attacking konoha and naruto learned the sage techniques.i really enjoy the episodes.!this is where i thought the climax has reach to an end,coz since then the attention to manga has becoming less and less,due to the dislike watching sasuke emo guy acts and all the mumble along the way.

naruto manga latest chapters resume : well kabuto who transfor a little more like oro,joined tobi some hidden purpose,maybe killing sasuke for revenge of oro's death.the relationship between naruto and kirabi which didin't go on perfectly well.basicly just watch and see what kishi will provide more in his story.

so thats it,i will add later when i have time for the next thing to come from naruto.

you're beautiful, comment after watching the drama

well, i have to say i encourage myself to watch this one,since i already have it ready to watch like couple of months ago.although the rating of the drama wasn't the high rated one.many fans talked about this,quite popular among them is one reason for me to try to watch.

so i begin to watch as i'm curious of what this drama offers as the story.well the idea is similar type to hanakimi,where a girl pretend to be a boy because of the situation.but to tell you the truth its a little wierd to say in some parts.i will tell u why:

-1st of all, the boy girl twin,no matter they resemble to each other,it will not be the same exact type of face and and woman destined to have many opposite characteristics in their body,such as,skin,jaw,bodyline,breasts,eyes and eyebrows.and usually dont share the same height point of how the director missed to take care of in the detail.

-2nd, if they're twin and has been separated for sometimes,naturally they want to meet each other after a long time and share their times together,but no,in this drama,there were no single moment where they did that,very strange ne? what kind of sibling,twin! is that.

3rd,i must say the ending just wonder it didn't paid off so much in the ratings.and this drama reminded me of one shoujo manga,boku ni natta watashi,about the girl that has to replace her runaway twin brother in one famous all boy school coz her mom asked her to,if she didn't want to do that she will no longer admit her as the daughter,well since she's less genius than her brother..

i guess i tell enough for this.i just said that what a waste,it should've been a good drama but they just have too much weaknesses.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

dragon zakura vs god of study

after i spend one day to watch the korean version of dragon zakura,god of study,i must say i got bored before i was done watching the whole episode.its not at all fun,as the original japanese version and the casts were also uglier.

well im just being honest although for some people who loves koreans drama wont like the opinion.not to mention the acting is so bad,especially the girl teacher and one of the student.they were just too much in doing some pointless expressions,instead of making me laugh or enjoy,i want to vomit.and the lawyer guy was just too creepy for me,i like abe better than him,serious but fun at the same time.maybe the only thing good is the guy who played the same role as yamapi.

the master math teacher also quite boring,the one who taught the virtual table tennis play is the lawyer not him.well enough said,i just dont want to say more.i dont understand why the rating is good.maybe they've just never watched the original version.mendokushi na.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

what a 'wonderful' person he is

today,just another' glorious' worst moment in my life for facing such a coward man like him.instead of paying his bill,that mf guy accusing me sharing the stolen money from the guy who he thought stole from him.i mean,if i intend to do it,i would stole it years ago,but i didn't cause i know and i believe in we work based on honesty will bring prosperity and good life but if we cheat and lies,even steal than we'll be poorer and fall in our life.for 9years i devoted my life to the wrong messed up guy who recognize nothing but himself,know nothing about friendship,loyalty,trust,believe except for loving his own money.really, he's a good-for-nothing guy,no wonder people around him left him alone,and no one cant stand to be with him.he always use and manipulate people as he wants and then throw them when no longer needed like a garbage.

he always childish self-centered guy,who always think other people are tools of him,robots with no heart,and not human.i,my self is the most important thing,and money can buy everything,that's what he think.but be sure,as i believe in my religion,every one who did goodness will earn good things,and the opposite,if anyone who did badness will earn curse from people they do bad at,and bad things will fall upon them.i was holding myself all along cause i always think in a positive way about other people including him but apparently i misjudged him.he's truly horrible person by showing his true color now.

in short,he's such a coward guy. OMG help me get rid of this anger,i dont like it at all.and give him what he deserved to have.thats all

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the green mile (US movie 1999)

The Green Mile
synopsis :click here for detail info.

link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.

comment :i was kind of surprise when one the local television aired this movie in the daylight,afternoon,coz the movie is rather heavy and also not really fit for the timing.well,anyway,this movie is good and i really almost cried watching the moment between john and paul.i really recommend it.thumbs up!

Friday, April 9, 2010

shinobi life (japan manga)

Series Info

Title: Shinobi Life

Categories: comedy, martial arts, romance, shoujo

Author: Konami Shouko

Artist: Konami Shouko

Chapters: 36 - ongoing - irregular


Many, many years ago, a ninja named Kagetora devoted his life to protecting Princess Beni (”Beni-Hime”). Unfortunately, they were attacked and Kagetora was flung into a lake, and sank to the bottom… And is somehow warped to the future where he sees the princess Beni being kidnapped.
Little does Kagetora know that Beni is not the real princess, but rather her descendant. Beni, on the other hand, thought that Kagetora was just a cosplayer. Beni, the daughter of a rich man has already been kidnapped a hundred times already... But fear not because Kagetora is here. Will Kagetora be able to go back to the past, or will he remain by Beni’s side forever? click here for reading.

comment:its somehow remind me of inuyasha in some part.but nice though. :D

Monday, April 5, 2010

omiai kekkon (japan drama 2000)

synopsis : This is a story about a girl who was left by her fiancee after giving up her career in order to get married and a guy who was forced by his boss to find a wife as soon as possible. Awkwardness, weird but as they knew each other better they began to respect each here for complete info.the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.
comment:this drama is unexpectedly nice and heartwarming :D i love it. Unfortunately I haven't got a time to continue watching the rest 4-5 episodes due to my lack of times and chances

kimi ni todoke(reaching you) - japan manga

Series Info

Title: Kimi ni Todoke
Alternate Title: Reaching You
Categories: anime, comedy, romance, school life, shoujo, slice of life
Author: Shiina Karuho
Artist: Shiina Karuho
Chapters: 41 - ongoing - irregular


Kuronuma Sawako’s one wish in life is to make friends. That’s a difficult proposition when everyone who meets this high school student cowers in terror! She just wants to be like her classmate Kazehaya-kun, a laid-back, easygoing here for reading

comment: this series is nice although sometimes make me so impatiently waiting for the climax of the relationship between the 2 main characters.

Friday, April 2, 2010

cherish yourself coz no one else will

today i've learned something precious.that is,not all the good things we've done shared the result we've expected to happen.after all not all the human being is truly understand other.some of them just egoistically plan the whole thing only for their convenience.they couldn't care less about how other would feel and think,whats in their mind is only how to make themselves comfortable no matter what.

i feel really awful and betrayed somehow.its like i've been ooled by some people who always show some fake smiling face in front of me.right now i feel very hurt with the fact that some people who i trust will be the people who eventually stab me in the back(again).i dont know this keeps happening to me,or am i just to bluntly stupid to be treated this way.

i've always tried my hardest to be the best and trustworthy for other,and i guess its also no surprise if i expect the same thing from them but this is not what i get as the result in the end.all i get is only disappointment one after another. i wat to scream out loud and tell the world that this is not fair! why people keep treating me like s***!.

My God please help me to calm down..*_*)!!