Monday, April 26, 2010

about naruto shipp movie 3,anime and manga

naruto shippuuden movie3: the inheritor of will of fire
comment :after watching the movie,i must say,the story line is boring and nonetheless as the previous movie,its just not interesting at all.the only movie i like from naruto movies is the 1st shippuuden movie.i even like bleach movie 3 better than this one.too much flashbacks and predictable scenes.although i must say i love the part where sakura shows how care she is to naruto :D,thats the only thing i love from the for the rest is boring.

naruto shippuuden latest anime episodes,155-157 :has come to the critical point where pain start attacking konoha and naruto learned the sage techniques.i really enjoy the episodes.!this is where i thought the climax has reach to an end,coz since then the attention to manga has becoming less and less,due to the dislike watching sasuke emo guy acts and all the mumble along the way.

naruto manga latest chapters resume : well kabuto who transfor a little more like oro,joined tobi some hidden purpose,maybe killing sasuke for revenge of oro's death.the relationship between naruto and kirabi which didin't go on perfectly well.basicly just watch and see what kishi will provide more in his story.

so thats it,i will add later when i have time for the next thing to come from naruto.

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