Friday, April 2, 2010

cherish yourself coz no one else will

today i've learned something precious.that is,not all the good things we've done shared the result we've expected to happen.after all not all the human being is truly understand other.some of them just egoistically plan the whole thing only for their convenience.they couldn't care less about how other would feel and think,whats in their mind is only how to make themselves comfortable no matter what.

i feel really awful and betrayed somehow.its like i've been ooled by some people who always show some fake smiling face in front of me.right now i feel very hurt with the fact that some people who i trust will be the people who eventually stab me in the back(again).i dont know this keeps happening to me,or am i just to bluntly stupid to be treated this way.

i've always tried my hardest to be the best and trustworthy for other,and i guess its also no surprise if i expect the same thing from them but this is not what i get as the result in the end.all i get is only disappointment one after another. i wat to scream out loud and tell the world that this is not fair! why people keep treating me like s***!.

My God please help me to calm down..*_*)!!

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