Tuesday, April 20, 2010

dragon zakura vs god of study

after i spend one day to watch the korean version of dragon zakura,god of study,i must say i got bored before i was done watching the whole episode.its not at all fun,as the original japanese version and the casts were also uglier.

well im just being honest although for some people who loves koreans drama wont like the opinion.not to mention the acting is so bad,especially the girl teacher and one of the student.they were just too much in doing some pointless expressions,instead of making me laugh or enjoy,i want to vomit.and the lawyer guy was just too creepy for me,i like abe better than him,serious but fun at the same time.maybe the only thing good is the guy who played the same role as yamapi.

the master math teacher also quite boring,the one who taught the virtual table tennis play is the lawyer not him.well enough said,i just dont want to say more.i dont understand why the rating is good.maybe they've just never watched the original version.mendokushi na.