Thursday, April 15, 2010

what a 'wonderful' person he is

today,just another' glorious' worst moment in my life for facing such a coward man like him.instead of paying his bill,that mf guy accusing me sharing the stolen money from the guy who he thought stole from him.i mean,if i intend to do it,i would stole it years ago,but i didn't cause i know and i believe in we work based on honesty will bring prosperity and good life but if we cheat and lies,even steal than we'll be poorer and fall in our life.for 9years i devoted my life to the wrong messed up guy who recognize nothing but himself,know nothing about friendship,loyalty,trust,believe except for loving his own money.really, he's a good-for-nothing guy,no wonder people around him left him alone,and no one cant stand to be with him.he always use and manipulate people as he wants and then throw them when no longer needed like a garbage.

he always childish self-centered guy,who always think other people are tools of him,robots with no heart,and not human.i,my self is the most important thing,and money can buy everything,that's what he think.but be sure,as i believe in my religion,every one who did goodness will earn good things,and the opposite,if anyone who did badness will earn curse from people they do bad at,and bad things will fall upon them.i was holding myself all along cause i always think in a positive way about other people including him but apparently i misjudged him.he's truly horrible person by showing his true color now.

in short,he's such a coward guy. OMG help me get rid of this anger,i dont like it at all.and give him what he deserved to have.thats all

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