Monday, April 26, 2010

you're beautiful, comment after watching the drama

well, i have to say i encourage myself to watch this one,since i already have it ready to watch like couple of months ago.although the rating of the drama wasn't the high rated one.many fans talked about this,quite popular among them is one reason for me to try to watch.

so i begin to watch as i'm curious of what this drama offers as the story.well the idea is similar type to hanakimi,where a girl pretend to be a boy because of the situation.but to tell you the truth its a little wierd to say in some parts.i will tell u why:

-1st of all, the boy girl twin,no matter they resemble to each other,it will not be the same exact type of face and and woman destined to have many opposite characteristics in their body,such as,skin,jaw,bodyline,breasts,eyes and eyebrows.and usually dont share the same height point of how the director missed to take care of in the detail.

-2nd, if they're twin and has been separated for sometimes,naturally they want to meet each other after a long time and share their times together,but no,in this drama,there were no single moment where they did that,very strange ne? what kind of sibling,twin! is that.

3rd,i must say the ending just wonder it didn't paid off so much in the ratings.and this drama reminded me of one shoujo manga,boku ni natta watashi,about the girl that has to replace her runaway twin brother in one famous all boy school coz her mom asked her to,if she didn't want to do that she will no longer admit her as the daughter,well since she's less genius than her brother..

i guess i tell enough for this.i just said that what a waste,it should've been a good drama but they just have too much weaknesses.

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