Tuesday, May 11, 2010

fist of legend,the mask of zorro,the legend of zorro

well i watched several old movies on television for the past few days.at first, on friday night last week i watch mask of zorro,the next day was the sequel, the legend of zorro and just last night i watch young jet li in the remake Bruce Lee's movie, fist of legend.

as for the mask of zorro,i still enjoy how the story goes,no matter how many times i've watched it, compare to the sequel, that rather too much and i found it somehow pretty annoying.some actions were just too much for a human being to do it,no matter how skilled is the person.
and for the fist of legend, well, what can i say?this is just typical jet li's movies in his younger years and the one who got lucky was the fighting director of the movie who got attention from wachowski brothers.info click here .

out of my boring time lately, i've done nothing but do things i like and wait if there's any luck or even miracle in getting new job,since life must go on and i got bills to pay (>.<) .wish me luck!

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