Tuesday, May 25, 2010

in between

Lately things are pretty much not good for me.i dont know why,but im at my lowest level of confidence at the moment.to try to hold on,be strong and tough in front of other people just not so damn easy.sometimes when im alone i need to figure out what is the best thing to do for my life the next day tomorrow? after i let it all out the heavy burden in my shoulders towards any medium i can find or any people who would listen.

i always need to make my spirit rise again and again due to my impatience and lack of confidence. i know i should've be grateful to God for all i've got so far,and yet i still have this urge in my mind to make things work as soon as it can.i know that this is also a bad habit,to become more pessimistic and less optimistic in facing life ahead of me.although life might not be as long as i think it will be,but i feel like i still have to make it worth and prepare everything in advance.

i should've just being honest but i just couldn't help it.i dont want to be a burden to people that i care about.but just as my friend said,life is harsh.please God help me on this one,i beg You.

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