Thursday, May 20, 2010

naruto update :manga ch.495, and anime eps 161

naruto manga chapter 495 :crush dark naruto
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its about naruto fighting his dark side after hearing about bee's past from motoi. all as cliche as naruto would melted everyone around him including his dark side.and its getting interesting as bee will teach him how to control the nine tails fox.but what made me wonder is whats gonna happen next as kisame still hiding inside samehada.he will learn everything by then and might capture both of them before naruto start learning.hmm lets see..

naruto anime eps 160-161: still about pain attacking konoha.
this week will be so intense since no one able to fight pain,the long haired pain will kill shizune and the other will go to tsunade.although we've already knew pretty much what happen,but yet its still interesting to see how the live action of naruto fighting pain ;) the eps will be available in a few hours from now for download.

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