Sunday, June 20, 2010

after watching 'shaolin girl' and 'heading to the ground'

shaolin girl, it took times to find this movie.and finally after i found it,i couldn't let myself wait but to get hurry to was ok,and i can see clearly in the movie Stephen chow's style as shaoln soccer and kungfu hustle, where everything is out of ordinary and a little bit too much in many part.and somehow the computer effects were too obvious in many places.i don't really enjoy the humor's cliche on this one.well,its more like 80% hongkong type of movie compare to japanese. and the fighting scenes were sometimes messed all over.not good enough as i predicted to be.

and as heading to the ground korean drama, its actually a potential well-built storyline,if they added more of climax and stronger chemistry,although the story is out of korean cinderella stereotype of drama.but good enough though the rating was really the way,if the girl character is rich and the guy is poor mostly always shared a very low rating share.

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