Saturday, June 5, 2010

the turned over

at this very moment, my age has been added for one more digit, and i feel like reminiscing all i've been through this whole life. since i was a child until up to this time,where every ups and downs, good and down, also all the shocking events,miracles, that has happened to me meant for special reason, as the story of my life.

the sad thing is,now, my life is in the state that made me lost all the confidence i used to have backthen with all the abilities to earned for confuse and still try to look for a better way to face everything the spirit i have left.please God give me guidance again this time,cause no other than You.i had enough with all the annoying surroudings.seeing the news is making me sick, watching my closest people drawn themselves in hopeless sins and comprehending my life has come to the point where the biggest turned over had made me change all the plan for the future.

one thing though,i still have a lot of things to be grateful to God, such as, a great hubby, good life, some good friends and families and good moments.may my prayer be answered soon for the little angels and good occupation.amien

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