Saturday, July 24, 2010

after watching my name is khan(2010) and paycheck(2003)

Well for 2nights in a row,i was watching 2 movies,one in my own pc and another was on television.
the 1st one ,the title 'my name is khan', which is one of the movies i was looking forward watching since the 1st time they've mentioned that they would made it with my fave indian movie couple, SRK and Kajol.And then just last night i watched 'Paycheck' on teve.

And so,here is my review on 'my name is khan'.the idea is good,the acting is good,however the storyline is drastically turned bad near the end of the movie.why?coz its too much of Indian movie stereotype cliche's touch,almost everywhere.although its too good to be true in real life to happen. yes i didn't see any dances and long winding song as common Indian movie,but they didn't exactly erase that element.i dont know somehow this movie reminded me alot to 'Rain man' which is brilliantly played by Dustin Hoffman.anyway, its still a very entertaining movie to watch.

now,for the 2nd movie,Paycheck, i must say i just realized that Indian movie'Krrish' was inspired by this alot,although the result was not as good as the original,for the movie setting and the time machine's description.its a nice movie,i like it,although Ben Affleck seemed tried to look cool most of the time.its quite entertaining though.

more info about the movie ,just click the title : my name is khan, paycheck

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