Saturday, July 17, 2010

naruto update :ch.502,anime eps 168 + other mangas

chapter 502 :the fourth goes to war!
its really good chapter and exciting to read and watch the fourth hokage fought madara in the mask.i cant wait how the 4th hokage deal with him and seal the kyuubi in naruto's belly,although its where the harsh days for naruto here for reading the chapter.

anime episode 168:the fourth hokage
well this week yondaime hokage is in both chapter and anime.but in the anime,hokage appeared for the 1st time in front of naruto and said that he was his dad .yay! im so happy for both anime and manga this week.TANOSHIKATTA!!

bleach still with the deicide chapters,and history's strongest disciple with lame chapter this week.although for bleach i saw something interesting between rangiku and gin.

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