Thursday, July 8, 2010

naruto update :chapter 500-501,and other mangas.

500 : the birth of naruto, 501 :the 9-tails strike.

its about how naruto was born and the struggle of his parent,minato and kushina, and the thrilling moment when the mask man (i think its tobi a.k.a madara) threatened them and manage to make the 9tails escape from the seal.maan! i almost cry to see kushina and minato...i cant wait for the final moment to be revealed behind the incident 16years manga ch.500 here and ch.501 here.

bleach :411 :still about deicide chapters. ichigo will start fighting his hollow and tensa zangetsu.and aizen will start messing around in kurakara town.but strangely rangiku appeared there despite her injured here

kenichi :388 :akisame vs ma.still ridiculous as always but somehow for me the last 2chapters,including this one is rather lame and pointless.i was waiting for apachai and agaard fight.but it looks like its not gonna happen anytime here

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