Saturday, July 17, 2010

weather girl (US movie 2009)

synopsis :A Seattle morning show weather girl, after learning her boyfriend has cheated on her, freaks out on-air and is fired. Forced to move in with her little brother and to cope with being 35, single and unemployed, she begins an unlikely romance with a younger man--her brother's best friend.

comment: this is pretty similar to the rebound,where the older woman involved with younger guy, although i must say the rebound has deeper meaning.but his movie is quite entertaining to watch. especially if only the girl has more fat in her body to make her look more fresh and less old.i can understand that maybe this is a low budget movie judged by the setting and storyline,also when i see mark harmon, OMG he's already that old...last time i saw him on reasonable doubt,one of TV series i love.

upcoming movie to watch : 500days of summer, eclipse,and many more.

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