Thursday, August 12, 2010

after watching :twilight,new moon, and eclipse

well,last sunday,i watched these twilight saga movies in a row,although when i reached eclipse in the beginning,i left it out of tiredness.
i must say the only movie that really caught my interest is only for the other two movies,i already got tired and little bored to continue.frankly its as one of the article i've read in one local site that compare to harry potter this saga is rather simpler and there's some blank spot from the author that should be enriched the story.the mixed legend between vampires,werewolf also blurry and strange in some part.the best thing of the movies were its romance for teens,at least what they dreamed of the love story,but not deep enough to be counted as great intellectual artwork.i enjoyed more thrill in 'interview with a vampire' or 'bram stoker's dracula'.
this one is really similar to vampires shojo manga i've read sometimes ago.although i must say except vampire knight,which is solely center around vampires most of the,for entertainment only is ok.

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