Sunday, August 15, 2010

naruto update :ch.503-505, anime eps 169-173,+other manga

naruto manga 503-505 :minato's dead demon seal,thank you,the nine-tails' chakra unleashed.

the story revolves around naruto's origin of why he became a jinchurikii told by his mom,and how he lost his parent because of that,the 16years ago incident in Konoha.and the latest was naruto found out that kisame is hiding in his samehada sword held by killerbee.the fun thing is when gai sensei smack kisame coz he thinks of him as his bad side in the waterfall. :) its getting fun and curious of what happens next.. want to read it?now its a little bit difficult to find the read online manga.

anime eps 169-173: naruto beat the last pain yahiko, fillers and then the origin of pain told by u can search in google :P

bleach :so far still about aizen and his superiority,what is unexpected that gin actually try to kill him because of rangiku.

HSD kenichi:the fight between kenichi/apachai and kokin/agaard started!,some joke about akisame and miu's fight too.although the ecchi part is never left off.

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