Sunday, September 19, 2010

corazon salvaje (savage heart) in 2versions

well well, today as i check my youtube account, i saw something familiar on some videos that recommended for me, corazon salvaje but in the year of 2009.after i saw the eps trailer on the youtube i decided not to care any further,because this latest adaptation of the novel in the same name, is the worst, the casts is horrible, and i cant imagine about the story might be,meanwhile the older version won several awards and the main character gained their popularity from this.the version that i love from 1993 is the best and its always be. and the fact is if i search the image from google,the version of 1993 dominated the pictures that are available.
look at the insert pic above.the one with 4casts is the version i love,meanwhile the other one is the latest version that i cant even look at :( juan is i must say uglier and less charisma compare to the previous one) here is the link to both version in wikipedia version 1993 and version 2009

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