Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the jealousy over muslim/islam

after reading this article, i feel like i have to wrote something as i have in mind at rightnow.based on what written in the news,the person who try to get famous by doing something terrible(burning the holy Qur'an) infact need some money to pay for his church bills. what a perfect plan for him,he thought he could gained a lot by doing so,such as becomes famous all over the world for raising the controversy among people,(maybe)becomes easier to sell things on ebay, becomes the righthand of his God,but all that looks like nothing more than just money in the end.he didn't think of other people's safety for doing so,inflict a new war and disturb the harmony of respecting each other's beliefs.
like i said in my previous post, its too low and pity if seeing one religion only from the act of some irresponsible people who set up a bomb,or claimed as terrorists.maybe some people just couldn't handle that Islam is the most fast growing religion in the world,so they must do anything they can to stop it by all means necessary.they will try their hardest to stop that from happening,to stop Islam from becoming the dominant religion.
if only they knew whats inside Islam,is nothing but a reflection of our daily life, and make sense for people's mind to accept,the only thing that become a problem is that they can't handle of being restricted, didn't do their empty 'free' life.but anyway,saying that Islam is a devil religion is totally unacceptable,even for one i mean no one has the right to mock or disgrace any religion,and i dislike or even hate that sort of short-minded people.
raising flame of war with hidden agenda is just showing us how low desperate a person can go down when he is in his utmost needs even to do action that may lead him to something horrible in the end.

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