Thursday, September 16, 2010

naruto update :chapter 506-510,and other mangas.

naruto update :chapter 506-510.the latest is :the shocking forbidden technique.

from the last 5chapters,the story has gone into 2 different situations and battles.from naruto finally gain the 9-tails power by the help of his late mother and form a rikudo sennin form,then sense kisame's presence whom spying on them inside samehada sword and try to capture him alive,its gai who made kisame lost most of his strength,although in the end kisame killed himself and his trap in the scroll managed to make trouble for naruto and his comrades,until the shark gotaway with the scroll of the info for tobi/madara.the last 2chapters is about the battle between konan and madara who wants to take the rinnegan eyes from nagato's body.konan finally defeated but she made madara lose his right arm and broken of his the end when madara reach the place where nagato being kept,nagato's face showed a smirking face?

somehow i feel confuse of something here,if nagato's body is there all along,then how come oro's assistant able to revived him before?coz when i watched the anime before,oro stole first and 2nd hokage's bodies to use that forbidden techniques.oh well whatever.

bleach:the story is getting interesting after gin is being killed by aizen and ichigo appear with new appearance.and aizen is suddenly become the inferior side and ichigo becomes so learn better ,just read it for yourself.

HSD kenichi: still the fighting about agaard and apachai,and the past between them.

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