Saturday, September 18, 2010

what a moment i've been...lately

what a bright shining day today in the weekend of the last week in September 2010.For the past few days,I've been awfully pissed.I've been thinking what have I done to deserve this?I'd love to think that God still put me up into something amazing after this,although deep down i cant lie to myself that I feel that i could smash the hardest rock with my bare hand just to relieve the anger inside me.these days,no, actually these couple of months, i've been in an unfortunate situations where everything seems to get harder and harder to handle.

i could never stop wondering why on earth these kind of people truly exists.the kind that really enjoying themselves torturing other people mentally by their bad mouthed words and childish acts. although slowly but sure they will pay for what they've done,i would really love to see it happen live! in front of my very own eyes,that would be such a wonderful farewell gift for me.

they're only seeing themselves as a smartass arrogant and rich people but in reality they're just a bunch of stupid people who think they are smart,but merely understand what smart really means,their arrogant act is the prove of their incapability and to understand other and it will eventually destroy themselves in times. the insecurity that other would rise higher is their main fear,cause they knew and realize that they would never reach that for rich,maybe only in the eyes of the people whom seeing it only from the outside,but the truth is a life full of debts,full of lying,false appearance.they try to show the world of how powerful they are,meanwhile its nothing but some wannabe celebs who might never raise as a true one.what a pity.they've never aware of their surrounding until they couldn't see that the people who stays beside them are only those hungry fellows looking for a chance to grab a bite of the taste of money.

i really really despise,dislike or even more i really hate those hypocrite would surely easy for me to destroy the image but im not a trash as them,i would never want to go down that low as them.that's why i believe good people won't fit among bad people ever.

i just hope God would give me a miracle of happiness after all this.Amiin

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