Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hear no evil see no evil talk no evil

well this is for my beloved 'friend' who had made my day turned 'great' since a while ago.the childish you,the lazy you,the whining you,you're really love to be kiss by my butt don't you?things that should be simpler you made it truly complicated as if its the most complicated problem in the universe to handle that even the scientist has to think hundreds of times to solve it.

while you have a lot of times to reply your trashy messages, you forgot or to be more precise,you pretend to forgot which important message you must reply in the 1st wonder people 'loves' you until they have to watch carefully every words that they spill out from their mouth cause of your sharp ear would hear it and that slippery tongue of yours which smoothly playback all the words to your 'highness'.no matter how close you are to us,to me, deep inside all you have is a piece of dark intention just to think of how to save yourself even if it means sacrificing your good friends. you are nothing but a slave to your bad ambition.I'm glad somehow not to know you too deep to see more of it,cause I'd be surely sick to my stomach.

how could a person like you can live peacefully hiding within that hypocrite smile and nice words, while there's a demon grudge forcing itself to break free.and how could you pray and worship God for the mercy and bless meanwhile all you do is 'playing nice' with other people until they taste the sweet pain that could make them poisoned for sometimes.I could never understand, actually I don't want to understand at all with the likes of you.i might as well prefer to stay away as far as i can before the shadow of the you chase me and try to capture me.I'm not a celebrity, but why you stalked me with your 'sweet' messages that you wrote not with all of the sincere intention but more to prank me with your childish acts.ENOUGH is enough.thank you and good bye,may we never see each other again.ameen

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