Monday, November 8, 2010

taking new path

as much as i want to scream out loud i couldn't. something inside me tell me not to do that.
lately i've been surprised by some people whom i thought already forgot my existance.i thought i would never heard,listened,or received anything from them anymore.and yet all they've given me just another bullshit and pain.i really had enough with all that until traumatized me to the level of throwing all those years of experience and working hard into something so priceless to continue.i cant afford to receive more humiliation,betrayal,disappointment and sadness because of it,no more.

now i made up my mind after few months of struggling and thinking how can i re-build my own self confidence and depend only to myself and not anyone else.i want to pull out everything i've got and forgetting those unworthy people who has nicely carved memorable scars in my heart.

this is it,i will no longer touch any clothes designing thing as my important role,but i choose drawing,illustrating pictures and writing.the people i got involved in the clothing fields made me sick,so sick that i can no longer comprehend the word trust and friendship.

actually im getting sick and tired with some people around me who knew nothing but pleasing themselves only and taking advantages from other people.well,i may sounded desperate,but i have tons of disappointments to spill out and anger to release.although i will not say all anyway.

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