Monday, November 15, 2010

tsuki no koibito similarities to kuch2 hota hai

well, i finally finished watching the drama Tsuki no Koibito/Moon lovers. and i found it so much reminded me of Kuch Kuch hota hai.the love story, the all high and mighty guy whose really confident in himself, love the new girl and wasn't aware of the feeling towards him from his closest tomboyish girl-bestfriend.

but it hurted alot if we saw that our fav girl lost her chance for love to the new girl who knew nothing but demanding too much without trying to understand more of the guy,although in kuch2 tina was well aware of the bond between rahul and anjali,but in tsuki no koibito,the xiu mei character was very very annoying with her naive act,innocent looks and pure heart things.
the ending is kinda a bit forced but i like it,the way i want it to be.nothing stronger than bond of friendship turned to love,and i just see that the first 6eps were a waste anyway.
link to tsuki no koibito
link to kuch kuch hota hai

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