Monday, December 27, 2010

Evan Almighty (2007), The Holiday(2006)

for more info click on the title Evan Almighty and The Holiday. the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.
Just last night i watched these two movies on local television channel. They played it in a row, first Evan Almighty(EA) and then The Holiday(tH). So, I will start will EA, which is the spin-off of Bruce Almighty starred by Jim Carrey as the prequel.
Honestly the story was quite predictable and too cliche with all the typical American comedy's humors. And for me, it looked really ridiculous and boring on the halfway to the end of the movie, why? because it was getting horrible with all the ark,animals and the God thing. On Bruce Almighty, I can pretty much understand how greedy human is, by watching Bruce with all his power (that lent to him by God-in appearance of an old man) could do whatever he wanted although it meant for other people's suffering since he selfishly used it only for his own benefit. But in EA, things were just getting even worst, and the building the ark thing, the animals,and God as a bothersome man who disturbed Evan as if there were no other job for him that he could solely concentrate on annoying Evan with His task.No wonder this movie didn't do well on the box office chart, all the joke to religion thing turned my mood down even more. maybe other audience felt somehow the same.this movie wasn't recommended from me, it will be better watching some fantasy movies such as Harry Potter or Narnia rather than this.
As for the 2nd movie, the Holiday, it was nice romantic comedy and although it was a typical American romantic comedy which would ended up with a happy ending, I'd still love it. It really showed how far the struggle of 2brokenhearted women in mending their feeling and start over with new guys. it doesn't hurt to watch if you want to, although in reality something like this would be difficult to find.

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