Friday, December 24, 2010

manga i read : royal 17, kiken junai D.N.A

title :royal 17
Released in: 2005
Author(s): Kayono
Artist(s): Kayono
Type: Manga
Genre(s): Drama, Mature, Romance, Shoujo, Smut
Status: Completed
Scanlation Status: Completed
:Since the day she was born, Rumina has had her life planned out for her. Since she's from a high-class family, she's expected to do everything perfectly and she gets no choice in anything; not her friend, make-up or even boyfriend! Fed up, Rumina runs away and goes to a fastfood joint. After she's ordered, she realizes that she hadn't brought her wallet. A handsome teen pays for her meal, but in exchange she has to go on a date with him. Insulted after he steals her first kiss, she returns home. There, she finds out that he's her new bodyguard! • Volume 1 extra : 1) Club Papillion - A dancer falls for a fashion designer at a club. He chooses her to become his model for a new brand, but will he ever think about something besides work? 2) B-men Kazoku extra - Merumo-tan Passes Through • Volume 2 extra : B-Men Kazoku extra - Merumo-tan Comes Again • Volume 3 extra : Princess Paffy and the 40 Thieves - Princess Paffy has lived a happy life with her servant and friend Klaster at her side. However, she has been commanded by her father to marry a wealthy man in one week to save the kingdom. In order to avoid marriage, Paffy decides to track down the band of thieves responsible for the country's bankruptcy and take back what they stole.
title : kiken junai D.N.A
Alternative title(s): D.N.A. Our Dangerous Pure Love, Dangerous Pure Love D.N.A., Just the Two of Us, Kiken Jun'ai D.N.A., Kiken Junai DNA
Released in: 2008
Author(s): KURUMATANI Haruko
Artist(s): KURUMATANI Haruko
Type: Manga
Genre(s): Comedy, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut
Status: Completed
Scanlation Status: Completed
synopsis :
She had always hated the fact that her younger brother had been cuter than her. Now, he's at her school, dressed as a girl and is a popular model for female clothing. Although it's not unknown that he is not a girl, all the boys like him. Thus, she is always rejected by her crushes. They're brother and sister but is there something deeper going on?

comment: well, the story is typical in both mangas in love story and happily ever after thing,but i still read it because i got a lot of reference for drawing lovely pose.but i warn you, these manga are not suitable for under 18 years old because some of the scene are just not appropriate.

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