Monday, December 27, 2010

naruto update :ch.518-522, anime fillers eps ,+other manga

Naruto chapter 518-522 :the ambush squads clash!, the tailed beast bomb, the secret behind impure 's world resurrection, the army's battle begins!, I'm already dead.
the story revolved around the war between konoha and their allies fighting akatsuki's troops in form of zombies / dead ninja that has been revived by Kabuto using the forbidden technique once used by Orochimaru when he fought the 3rd hokage. More memories of the loved ones, used to be opponent and the scene of how tobi/madara and kabuto didn't trust each other. Also it showed naruto trained with the tail beast bomb that actually similar to rasengan by only using the 9tails chakra.its getting interesting to find out :)

but the opposite situation on the anime episodes, cause it only offers more and more annoying fillers. I can't imagine until when they will go on with these fillers.

As for bleach took quite a long turn before its getting back to the root of the story.and i haven't seen rukia, my favorite character, kubo sensei, please give her back to us :(
And the last about kenichi, its also interesting where all the teachers have become fugitive and wanted by the police under the influence of yami.we'll see later what they will offer for the next chapter after new year.

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