Monday, December 27, 2010

The strange old lady

When i first saw her, i was amazed. At her current age, this lady has a very strong will to keep on gaining some knowledge from the school. She has this big amount of spirit and confidence to study hard although her other colleagues were more suitable to be her grandchildren. She's even older than my mom. I was very curious of her and her motivation to get through this tirelessly, so, i was kind of doing some small investigation by asking some of her classmates.

After a while, I found out what is her name and age, also a little bit information about her history.She moved 3times into different colleges, and she kept on starting all over again and again from the 1st semester,so up until now, she's still unsuccessfully manage to finish her studies after more than 7years. She lived alone,no relatives and her husband had already passed away a couple of years ago from sudden heart attack. Her age now is around 67 years old if I'm not mistaken.And yes I will not mention her name here cause it's inappropriate to do so. however, something is fishy after sometimes, the more i knew about her the more disturbing thoughts came into my mind.why? i didn't know for sure but somehow my admiration toward her slowly decreasing and i shall quit from trying to find out more about her again.

Just yesterday, i was able to watch her directly and the way she interacted with other people, i realized that this lady has a serious complicated problem due to her strange personality. How she most of the time interfered with other people's conversation, suddenly asked for doing her a favor after telling how miserable she was, so that other people took pity on her,until one of my friend gave her money to make her stop forcing her to buy something. how she impolitely wanted to be served and helped by forcing her 'friend' to do it for her. And i saw obviously that day how other people seemed annoyed very much by her attitude. it just didn't make sense for me in the beginning, how on earth she could do that at her age. i mean, its sort of wierd indeed to see such childish acts came from a lady like her. She said to my friend that she fell from motorbike twice but the doctors said nothing was wrong. I found it unbelievable, or rather make sense now after seeing her at her state.

the last strange thing was, that i completely invisible for her! how amazing,she asked all of my friend who stayed around me, meanwhile i was skipped by her the whole time!. its not that i care about such thing, i just feel strange, totally strange. well, i guess from now on i will not bother myself doing the 'research' on her again, cause it started to become useless and nothing that i can gain benefit or something positive out of it. case closed

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