Sunday, December 19, 2010

the successful and failed stars reunion in a movie

When the casts in a movie had successfully brought life and chemistry inside,not to mention the good plot and storyline, for sure it will become one hell of a good movie.but sometimes the 2nd attempts wouldn't bring the same result.these are the examples of the failed attempt for repeating the success story of their 1st movie. to lose a guy in ten days(2003) and fool's gold(2008)
more info on the movie click on the title. well, both movies starred by Kate Hudson and Michael McConaughey.the 1st one(how to lose..) was a good romantic movie and the story was also interesting,but the 2nd one that i've just finished watching now was a total boring movie.not entertaining at all.i was so boring until i almost couldn't afford to continue.just sucks with lack of chemistry.just sexy bodies, six packs and tanned skin.simply no other thing.

2.Speed(1994) and lake house(2006)
more info on the movie click on the title.these were also starred by the same couple, Keanu reeves and Sandra bullock. the 1st one,speed, was a huge success, even made in sequel(although it failed in box office cause keanu refused to play his role again).but the 2nd movie which was inspired by one Korean movie Il mare, wasn't doing well in the box office chart, well it wasn't a flop either just grossing way below their 1st movie.

3.the mummy(1999),the mummy returns(2001) and the mummy : tomb of the dragon emperor(2008)
more info on the movie click on the title.the 1st and 2nd was a huge success but the 3rd one for me was a failure given by the changes of role played by Rachel Weisz.the one who replaced her made me don't want to bother myself to watch,and as the setting went to Chinese history, as far as i know, no other country has a mummy other than Egypt. the last movie received negative responses from the audience. well i guess, for this one can be categorized as an exception,since the movie within the same theme and title.
and many other..

as for the example of good result and chemistry for the same pair of actors shown in this :
1. Sleepless in Seattle(1993) and You've got mail(1998)
the great examples of chemistry and great movies from Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. although they previously starred a movie Joe versus the volcano(1990),these 2 movies were the most famous movies of them.
and many other ...need to look more reference but i feel tired so i guess enough for now :)

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Paul S said...

I like all three of the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movies but Joe Versus The Volcano is my favourite!