Thursday, January 27, 2011

my dear president

Dear Mr.President,

How are you? how's life by the way? is it good? is it nice? or is it too much for you to handle your country and the people, until you came up with an idea of complaining about your salary to us in the television. Have you ever read the news of what had been happening through all these years while you serve this beloved country? have you learned and gained something from it?of how your people suffered from the economical stress?well i guess you wouldn't care that much since Gayus, Century or all the other problems occurred in the parliament and such have made your hands pretty full,right?

Just yesterday i read in one online news site, that somebody with becak rider as his occupation died because of hunger. how pity isn't it?he didn't have any money to buy himself some decent food to eat.He wasn't the only case though. you know, I'm dreaming that someday the leader such as yourself willing to walk with your bare foot in the street and feel the weather without air conditioner,with empty stomach and dry throat for once to feel how is it like to be one of them,the majority of your people who live in poverty.Have you ever thought about what they think when you complain about your personal issue?please don't divert our attention again to other thing such as crop circle or another football games.

I guess we don't need sweet words anymore,we don't need promises, we only need proof that you're sincere and love us,your people, this beloved country of ours.well,for me personally,i have forbid myself from watching news on television,especially about government,corruption and made me sick to my stomach.I wonder how long we have to wait til God decide that the curse will be lifted from us so that we'll have a better future,especially a better leader for this country who love this country sincerely,sacrifice himself to serve only for the people, the land,to protect them without taking it for granted and ask something in return, without thinking selfishly about himself and only complain about every little things.Its not too late,if a wise person such as yourself to change and see thing in different perspective.

Yours Faithfully,

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