Monday, February 7, 2011

A dream on my nap this afternoon

I was really surprised at myself when i woke up after taking a short nap this afternoon. i had this amazing but weird dream at the same time. I was thinking maybe this is just an effect after watching the Social Network.
in that dream, suddenly i was with MZ the famous young billionaire for inventing the social network, and somehow i was helping him from some people who wanted to take over his precious book which contained of very classified information about his business. we managed to escape and ended up in one place similar to the set of Liar game final stage scene with many flowers and plants or rather it was more like Princess hours place. and then in there we were hiding for sometimes, but at the same time the 'famous with sex videotape incident' local celebrity couple NI and LM also stayed in the same place, the same house.
the guy couldn't keep his eyes off me and often came to talk and afterward the girlfriend threatened me by interrogating what we were talked about.and I said nothing, i simply not interested in your Bf at all cause i was in the middle of trying to help someone. Finally MZ was rescued and thanked me(i don't how this thing happened :P) as for in return i only asked him to sign for me an autograph of him on one single paper. I was honored to help him and reminded me of how i enjoyed working with foreigners. It was such a short yet interesting dream.
Maybe i was just watching too much movies and watching too much gossips anyway :P

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