Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Longing for those who have left....

What a dream I have just a few moments ago. After sometimes I think it was wonderful to have such dream or I was just longing for those long lost friends, other than that maybe it was some of my unconscious desire appeared, unfortunately the message alert on my cell phone woke me up from the dream.

In that dream I met my friends again and we talked like nothing had happened between us, so warm and nice. I also took care of my friend's son with my sister where everything so strange and blurry. Other thing was, I also met with my net friends from abroad. All in one happened at the same time and same dream. I, somehow, felt happy when I woke up,that's why I wrote it in this blog.

All the things that I've missed and longing for are coming back to my mind. Maybe,I just need to fix things back to the normal situation as it used to be. I just wish God would listen to me and help me. Amien.

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