Friday, March 18, 2011

naruto update :ch.523 - 532, anime eps ,+other manga

Naruto Chapter 523 - 532: The legendary seven swordsmen, things I want to protect, The kages revived, Darui's leaps into battle, secret word, more than dull, golden bonds, Chouji's determination, Team asuma- together again, Mifune vs Hanzou: the conclusion. It's all about the war. Some of the scenes showed the rendezvous with the dead, former enemy, such as Haku, Asuma, lady Chiyo, Hanzou,etc. It made some heartbroken, determination and effort to aside their feeling while fighting them. It's good, but Naruto rarely showed up along the way. He felt something only when ginkaku lost his temper while fighting Darui who made his twin brother sealed. kabuto shocked with the fact that some of the revivals went against his order with their own will.

Naruto Anime eps finally get back to the chapter from manga. start from Raikage's messengers came to Konoha, naruto got beaten up and he still foolishly asked raikage to forgive sasuke but got turned down, danzou went to the 5kages summit and sasuke tried to ambush them. The episode so far showed the fighting between sasuke and raikage.

Bleach after the turn over is very boring and slow with the full bringers and such. Rukia still I miss you. I was thinking that maybe Aizen was right and Urahara hid something. We'll see although I don't know whether i will patiently following this. I guess Bleach failed in gaining more attention such as Naruto after the time skip.

Kenichi chapters were quite intense but the latest chapter made it look ugly. the finishing touch for ending the case of the disc solved in a very weird way.

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